Victoria Silvstedt PMOY Nekkd in Playboy (A Popularly Demanded Classic!)

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We've been featuring the hind and front bikini-covered quarters of Victoria Silvstedtheavily of late, as the world's most expensive girlfriend has taken her blonde bombshell bikini show down to the Caribbean for the winter. And, since 'customer service' is our middle name, and many of you keep asking to see Victoria without her clothes on (as many of you are want to ask us in your polite emails), how could we refuse?

So, thank you to our good friends at Playboy Plus, still offering one helluva 50% off membership discount to EgoReaders on their massive inventory of hot nekkid celebrities and models, for providing a healthy glimpse of the extremely healthy body of Playmate of the Year, Victoria Silvstedt, Now you know exactly why she's such an expensive girlfriend. Enjoy.

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