Vida Guerra Classic Topless Posing for the Bunny, And Asstastic Lusters Everywhere

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We got some great response to photos of Vida Guerra and her world-class asstastic in jeans we featured last week, but we were surprised just how many of you had no idea who she was, let alone have seen her from her fully nekkid and hot booty spread in Playboy magazine a few years back. It's simply one of our favorite pictorials ever. And, for anybody who proudly calls themselves an ass-man, well, you ought be ashamed if you haven't properly perused the Cuban hottie's bottom side fully exposed.

Check out Vida Guerra all kinds of wicked hot in her birthday suit, and be sure to get in on this 50% off discount to PlayboyPlusrunning for Ego Readers, because it is truly one of the most stocked, if not the most stocked, hot skin-filled celebrity and model nekkid site on the web. I visit daily myself. Just for research purposes, naturally. Enjoy.

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