Arianny Celeste Nekkid Playboy Awesomeness Might Just Explain Why Guys Want to Marry Her So Badly

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Watching Arianny Celeste explain her Date Night Disaster last week on our site, with the dude who tried to propose to her on their first official date, well, it got me wondering, not only why any man would ever want to get married in the first place (I'm always keeping that at the front of the mind), but especially so to a girl he barely knew. Then I remember the one caveat to all male decisions: super hot women make us act stupid. And the hotter the woman, the more stupid we act. It's some perverse rule of nature.

For instance, how can one look upon Arianny Celeste nekkid in her stellar Playboy photoshoot and not think, 'Heck, I'd like to share a bed with that woman for the rest of my life'. I mean, my first thought was just one night, but after checking out these photos from our friends at PlayboyPlus, damn, I could be in for a lifetime. A supremely hot woman is more often than not

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