Asstastic! Because We All Need a Little More Gaming-In-Lingerie Ogling in Our Lives (VIDEO)

Of course we do. The wacky funsters at SexyGirlsDiary, with their video cameras, their spartan, distinctly clinical rooms and (presumably) their raging erections, are delighted to oblige.

As anybody with even a passing grade in Gameology class will tell you, Nintendo's digital ventures are often maligned as less-than-mantacular. Allegedly, the average age of gamers now stands at 30 and over. Us dudely dudes more advanced in years may find enthusiasm for the company's family-friendly cartoon shenanigans waning a little. How, then, can the Wii U continue the remarkable success of its predecessor?

If there's one notion that's sure to be approved by any guy with that switch in their gonads set to the ‘on' position, it's the above underwear-cavorting. Yes indeed. It's like actual science, with jugs on. Create a commercial or two in this vein, and Asian businessmen across the Orient will have yen flowing from every orifice.
Or something to that effect.

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