Christina Ricci Goes See-Through So You Don't Have to Strain Your Eyes Checking Out Her Chest

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Even though she appears to have had some kind of breast reduction procedure a few years back (blasphemous), there's no denying that Christina Ricci remains on our Top 10 list of Tinsel Town hotties whose chest we look forward to quite rudely scanning every time we cross her path. It's just one of those things, like Cap N' Crunch for dinner or shaking parking meters to see if spare change drops out, that has become a part of our everyday life over the past many years.

Well, to aid us in our ogling responsibilities, Christina wore a see-through top (and bare midriff, double bonus points) to the Marc Jacobs fancy shmancy Fashion Week event in New York over the weekend, not so lucky enough to see her bare udders, but some bra clad outline of the melons we'd still like to squish between our fingers like a horny gourd farmer. Bless you, Christina. Enjoy.

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