Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Reveal the Watermelon Clad Killer Tush!

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Holy lucky days. You already know we plan on courting, engaging, and ultimately marrying the beautiful behind of Italian model turned Miami Beach visual delight, Claudia Romani. We're going to take that booty on a honeymoon it won't soon forget, save for the chaffing it will likely suffer at the hands, and other instruments, of our deep and unwavering lust.

Claudia hit the beach in South Florida in a watermelon colored bikini that combined our deep desire for the sextastic model with our innate love of all things sweet and fruity, creating a perfect storm of hotness that I'm not sure whether I want to defile or consume genteelly on a picnic. I think I'll choose both.

Claudia Romani, I must have your butt!  Enjoy.

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