Courtney Stodden and Her See-Through Cleavy Top Can't Be Barred from Pre-Oscar Gift Suite

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Along with pre-Oscar parties this week come the major gifting suite activities. In short, gifting suites allow celebrities from A-list down to, well, Courtney Stodden apparently, to visit their pop-up showrooms and sample and take various luxury gift items they're hoping that celebrity connection will give them some free publicity. Lots of scents, watches, accessories, sunglasses, and that type of swag.

And, as aforementioned, barely legal Courtney Stodden brought her boob and pony show to the Roger Neal Style Hollywood beauty products gifting suite, to show off her pumped up cans, and snatch some high-end toiletries when nobody was looking (it's okay, Courtney, you're actually allowed to take the samples). Youth truly is wasted on the young. Enjoy.

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