Emma Frain Topless Tropical Bikini Pictures To Melt Your Snowy Winter Blues

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Okay, I know there's some kind of winter storm of the century (again) slamming the Northeast today, but I don't think people stop to think about us folks in Hollywood, expected to deal with intermittent rain showers through the course of the next six to eight hours. I just washed my car, people, how about a little climatological sympathy?

Well, outside of how my Uncle Kon-Tiki used to melt snow outside his house with a modified flame-thrower, the best way to turn ice into liquid remains the utter sheer heat produced by wicked hot bodies, the sextastic among us dropping their tops and flashing warm sultry all over skin to raise the air-temperature a few Kelvin degrees. The likes of Emma Frain, on a topical beach, the sweet delicious beauty removing her top, so that you don't have to, and flashing udders with the power to melt the polar ice caps, let alone your blocked-in driveway.

And the good news, even if our method doesn't work, you still get to see Emma topless all over. It's a no lose proposition. Enjoy.

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