Fatima Florez Leaked Sex Tape; The World's Most Annoying Comic Likes to Get Jiggy With Her Man

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Correct me if I'm wrong (as if) our friendly readers from Argentina, but Fatima Florez is something of s comic TV personality down Sudamericana way, a blonde Rich Little if you will, but with big ta-ta's, and famous now for her whiny impersonation of the female Argentinean President. After watching several tapes of Fatima Florez, I'm prepared to declare her personally the most annoying television personality since The Nanny. Which is why I guess I don't feel as bad as some about sharing the leaked bits of her sex tape that do not include male genitalia (which is rather copious).

I'm still not sure who is making their sex tapes on 2002 dated cell phone videos, but apparently Fatima Florez and her husband are two such retro-vid techs, who capture their fellatio and boot knocking in indiscreet detail on their super low res recording device. And, then, yeah, somebody leaked it to the public and now it's all over the Internet. And, so things go. And while we are bound by no-dick principles to not show you most of the footage, you can revel in a few of the topless screengrabs we, err, grabbed from the tape. Enjoy.

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