Geena Mullins Topless Teenaged Striptease Fills Our Hearts With Ta-Ta-Tuesday Happiness

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Little piece of advice. Get to know Geena Mullins. I mean, really poke around a bit, explore, and get to know this nineteen year old glamour model from London, featured in the current edition of Nuts magazine, because she is on a one direction path to topless model stardom, and you can guess, if not experience, that direction yourself.

The young lass is merely starting out in the world of show-me-everythings and has already laid out some killer pictorials, with a body that deserves to be covered in gold, only not covered so much that we can't ogle her super fine front and backsides, some glorious globes, and an innocent look that you just know has to be hiding something very naughty. Geena has it going on. I know, because I'm looking at it right now. Enjoy.

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