Google Street View is the New Big Brother: Couple Does the Dirty (Sort Of), Thongs, and More

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Where would all of us be without Google Maps? Either dead, lost, or probably both. So it's really just great that Google's letting us all use its maps for free, because no other provider out there has managed to put them together quite as accurately as Google has. I don't think I need to remind you about Apple's whole maps fiasco--oops, looks like I just did.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, this particular shot was spotted on Google Street View. It might look like the interiors of a shop with no customers, except that there's actually a couple in the store. Spot them yet? All you can see are their legs peeking out from the fitting, and the odd thing is that both their pairs of underwear are just hanging around their ankles.

Before you chalk it up as Street View catching a couple in wild throes of passion, take a closer look at the picture. They don't look like they're doing anything, with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Unless they're doing some sort of weird perverted show-and-tell kind of thing, it looks like the whole thing was pretty much staged to get the store some publicity.

Real or not, this isn't the first time Google Street View caught a snapshot of something it probably shouldn't have. Check out the gallery to see more!


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