Holy Crap! We Forgot The Kelly Hall Topless 2013 Wall Calendar

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Look, everybody makes mistakes, we're just almost man enough to admit them. And we totally missed the Kelly Hall 2013 topless wall calendar. And shame on us. Shame shame shame. Because Kelly's ta-ta-ta's are simply and udderly faptastic, along with the rest of her fine form shown off just wonderfully in this visual ode to Kelly and the twelve months of the Julian calendar.

Named as the Page 3 Idol winner just two years ago, Kelly Hall often gets overlooked; maybe it's because of her more common name among the glamour models, or her unassuming public persona, but there's nothing common or unassuming about Kelly, certainly not when her bikini top comes off. You'd be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your 2013 than leering at this luscious lady. Enjoy.

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