Humpday Huzzah! Leah Francis Strips Down to Nylons in the Kitchen

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In my kitchen, you'll just find Ramen noodle packs and the burn remnants of a failed chicken marsala dish I tried to cook to impress a teenage Guatemalan runaway who happened at my door, nothing to do with my advertisement in Craigslist Guatemala City for Free Food and Lodging For Foreign Girls.

I'd rather have Leah Francis in my kitchen, or me be in her kitchen, if you know what I'm saying, especially if Leah's performing an udderly faptastic bosomy striptease across my center island.

Well, today being Humpday, all things are possible, fantasies become reality, and imagination lays the groundwork for actual events. So, close your eyes and wish away, and maybe, just maybe, that discounted over-ripened bowl of fruit will turn into the perfectly ripe fruits of the buxom babe Leah Francis with her pooter in the air atop your counter. You never know. Enjoy.

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