Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless Ginger White Lingerie Perfection!

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You probably couldn't tell, but I have a little thing for ginger glamour model extraordinaire, Lucy Collett. You call her 'chunky' around me and we are going to have to step outside, I mean, so I can tell you just all the ways that Jell-O shakes like jam when we play bounce house slap and tickle.

This has truly been one of those weeks when, like a man adrift at sea, you look for any jetsam or flotsam to keep you afloat, and I choose to cling to the epic boobtastic bonanaza of Lucy Collett, and cling there as a monkey child does to his mother during morning branch swing time. I am not letting go.

That body, those eyes, that ginger, it's all about to kill me softly and I could care less. I invite you to join in, I mean, on your own, not together, that'd get us both kick out of the gym (or invited to the Y). Huzzah!

(For more glorious Lucy Collett hotness, be sure to check out her official site at

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