Jodie Gasson Topless Poolside Hotness for Your Monday Snow Dig-Out

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Watching all the snow shoveling going on in the Northeast over the weekend, well, it almost made me feel bad for feeling bad for myself as temperatures here in Southern California dropped below 70 for day time highs, causing many a tree-hugging Angeleno to cut down that tree, burn it, and pray for the return of Global Warming. We all have our climatological concerns to deal with, each in our own way.

Still, our hearts go out to those of you buried under more white powder than Lindsay Lohan on a lazy sunday, so, to improve your lot, we bring you more under-the-sun topless hotness courtesy of Jodie Gasson and her wicked wanton delicious bikini stripteasing funbags poolside at some location that you're probably dreaming about right this minute. Could a sextastic girl like Jodie, a cocktail in a chaise lounge chair, and a little game of Motorboat, Champions version exceed your reality of snow shovels and frozen snot? Likely, yes. Enjoy.

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