Josie Gibson Flashes Panties Out Partying on Her Birthday; Happy Birthday to Us

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For those who don't track every girl in the world who used to be pretty chubby but lost weight and now looks pretty hot, Josie Gibson in the Britty Big Brother winner from 2010 who's gone on to celebrity type merching and TV appearance mini-fame. Over her birthday weekend, Josie was hanging out with her fellow reality stars at the trendy nightclubs, partying hard, perhaps just a little too hard, resulting in a solid flash of her knickers as she stumbled her way in and out of one of those fortunately deep seated London taxi cabs.

Now, we love a panties flash as much as the next man, or maybe just a little bit more, but when it's how you make your howdy-do and hello to Egotastic!, well, it's a fine entrance indeed. Enjoy.

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