Katie Downes Chest Ups Lacey Banghard in Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Does the world need a little war right about now? Well, not if we're talking about the kind with real bullets, but if we're speaking of two ridiculously hot women taking off their tops for a measuring Battle of the Boobtastic, funbag on funbag type virtual showdown, then, hell yes, the world needs a whole lot more of this.

In this week's Page 3 showdown of some fine ladies with fine melons, we have saucy alluring Katie Downes pitting her puppies against a true Idol, Lacey Banghard, a girl whose name used to make us giggle, but now just puts the look on our face of a man hunting wild boar with nothing but a pen knife -- serious and singleminded.

Two women I'd kill any one of you just for the chance to lick their ears, but whose ta's reign supreme?

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