Leilani Dowding See-Through Top Delivers a Public Display of Artistic Boobtastic

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Leave it to our good friend Leilani Dowding to forget her bra when wearing a sheer top before the paparazzi cameras (or maybe not forget) and provide a show of her own leaving an art exhibition in Palm Springs. Now, Leilani claims that she doesn't need a bra because she has little to hide, but we beg to differ, with her 'little' comment that is, because not only do we make mountains out of mole-hills here on Egotastic!, we then seek to climb those mountains, claim them for God and country, and proceed to plan our lascivious flags on their peaks. And, yes, that was a sexual reference.

It's amazing how inspired one can become when unexpectedly presented with the sight of chest puppies on a hot woman. Enjoy.

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