Mellisa Clarke Topless Hotness Makes Me Want to Be a Better-Sighted Man

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We've really fallen hard for new Page 3 Idol winner Mellisa Clarke. And if Page 3 is indeed going away (as they keep threatening to do), well, they will have gone away with a last Idol worthy of the legacy, for Mellisa Clarke has the captivating, evergreen sextastic of a naughty natural brunette. They've been lusted after since the dawn of time, and I can only imagine dudes on the lunar colonies 300 hundred years from now will be fapping to the same.

Every time Mellisa Clarke turns to the camera, with those eyes, right before she starts to undress, well, it's almost enough to make a man consider foreplay. It's close. And maybe for Mellisa, I'd consider a little sensitive time. Sometimes, it takes a queen to change a nation. Enjoy.

(And be sure to check out a ton more Mellisa Clarke on her official site.)

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