Miranda Kerr Flashes Her Lady Nest on the Beach for Organic Photoshoot!

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Oh, be still my barely beating doughnut clogged hear. Miranda Kerrflashing her vajayjay on the beach doing cartwheels? Could it be true? Oh, talk about finding the X on the treasure map of the sextastic.

The uber sextastic Miranda Kerr was filming a promotional shoot for Kora Organics in Sydney, dressed in organic type white lace clothing to let you know she's very natural and organic and good for your body and such, when some genius photographer (I now love dearly) instructed Miranda to start doing cartwheels on the beach. What we first thought was just a flash of her white lace panties (and that would've been pleasure inducing as it was) turned out to be, upon closer inspection, a nice view of her covered, but definitely evident, departure lounge to Happy Town. Oh, how badly do we want to embark into that fantasy land. What a day!

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