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Mr. Skin's 14th Annual Anatomy Awards -- See Nekkid Celebrities, Win an IPad! (VIDEO)

When our friends at Mr. Skin told us it was time for the 14th annual Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards, we became visibly excited; 2012 truly was one of the finest year in celebrity skin on screen that we can remember. And while both our short term and long term memory have been mildly to dramatically affected by chemicals related to the malting of liquor process, we are just about to prepared to call this the finest year ever.

And, now's your chance to review all the best celebrity skin of the past year and  VOTE and enter to win a free latest edition iPad, from which to watch all of the coming year's celebrity skin.

It's a win-win of sextastic skin proposition. Do it now, before you're only the second person on your block to enter.

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