Petra Benova Bikini Pictures Because Sometimes Hot Bikini Asstastic Is Enough

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Here's what I know about model Petra Benova -- she's Slovakian (and I'm sure I'm going to hear shortly from somebody that she's not really Slovakian, but from some other nearby land I never learned about before I started tuning out in the 4th grade) and she has an asstastic that I would like to bathe, adore, worship, most definitely fondle, and, maybe, on certain Saturday nights, some hot candle wax.

Strutting about on Miami Beach (where I really need to get to), Petra caught the attention of every living creature with male gondials, and about half the women, as she moved that ridiculously hot bottomside across the sand and surf. I couldn't stop watching. And I don't want to stop watching. Enjoy.

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