READER FINDS: Kate Beckinsale Topless, Mira Sorvino Topless, Jessica Simpson Bikini Asstastic, and Much Much More...

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Eff you, February, for only being 28 days long, meaning this is the last Friday of the month, and the final time in February in Lucky '13 that we will be gathered here together for this special weekly ceremony of communal celebrity skin revealing we affectionately refer to as Reader Finds. Not too dramatic, but will March have a shot at living up to the spectacular sextastic delivered in this week's edition? We can only hope and pray.

This week's Reader Finds includes Jessica Parker Kennedy flashing her ta-ta's and delicious Grace Phipps showing off see-through style (thanks to EgoReader 'Pito' for dropping both dimes), a higher-res revisit of Maggie Grace and her nip poking and bare bottom flashing in Californication (blessed be 'Nick F.'), veteran hottie Mira Sorvino flashing her cans in Norma Jean and Marilyn (kudos kindly to 'David M.'), what appears to be a Chrissy Teigen bare upskirt glance at N.Y. Fashion Week last week (hard to confirm the authenticity mind you, but thank you nonetheless 'Dom'), Kristen Stewart in cleavetastic appeal (from our buddy 'Apeal'), Kate Beckinsale pre-MILF days quite topless in Haunted (OMFG goes out to 'Igan'), Cinthia Fernandez nearly topless, definitely hot (muchas gracias para 'Mario'), well-endowed Emma Glover toples for a Frank White photoshoot (dropped devilishly by 'Devon'), Candice Swanepoel wicked hot for Victoria's Secret promo (thank you kindly, "Mr. King.'), Jennifer Love Hewittsmoking sextastic for original Client List promos (good on you, 'Steven B.'), Dutch hottie Marloes Horst pictorially topless (we bow down in wooden shoes to 'David P.'), Olivia Wilde hotness in classic photoshoot (and, you're welcome from 'Walter'), Hani Furstenberg quite nekkid in The Loneliest Planet (sweet find from 'Trey'), Jenna Dewan sexy promotional shoot (thanks for the Jenna, 'Deja'), Aida Yespica classic topless Mexico Bunny pics (damn fineness provided by 'Benjie H.'), and Jessica Simpson when she was so hot in a bikini (left at our doorstep by 'Mel'). Damn, that's a three mile long buffet of celebrity skin indeed. Enjoy.

Oh, shit, forgot to mention we got Reader Finds videos as well.

'Rob' from Down Under wants you to see Alessandra Ambrosio brief, but worthwhile see-through goodness for her Terry Richardson photoshoot promo, and 'Matthias D.' just up and thought you might like to see Kate Upton behind the scenes of her SI bodypainting shoot.

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