Rosie Jones Chests Up to Holly Peers in a Titanic Battle of the Boobtastic

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If there's anything hotter than seeing two of your most lust-inducing glamour models taking off their tops for pure visual wonderment, it's seeing those same two sextastic goddesses taking off their tops for a contest of chest puppy glory.

In one corner, we have young Rosie Jones, a girl we've been following with our tongues hanging out pretty much since the day she graduated high school (and if it was before then, I'm not admitting it). Rosie's perfectly plump funbags have sent many a man to bed with happy thoughts, only to wake up with the unhappy task of having to change the sheets. And in the opposing corner, Holly Peers, a woman whose peerless pillows have often being compared to heaven on earth, well, at least by me. A true titanic Battle of the Boobtastic for your review and judgement.

Two sweetly perfect ladies with four naughty perfect pears. But who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

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