Sammi Jo Strips Out of White Lingerie for Mammarial Monday Mmmmm

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If I had to pick one day of the week when we simply need, raw, unadulterated hotness and skin from one of our sextastic favorites, well, I'd pick everyday. But, in second place is Monday, feeling like we do, the taste of Jägermeister still in a few last deep burps, the scent of a cheap eau d' toilet still in our aromatic chambers from an encounter with a tall blonde we are still hoping was a woman Yep, it's Monday. Back at the grind, filled with regrets and shame and all sorts of chemical toxins. Only a truly fine Mammarial Monday could soothe this savage burn.

Enter Sammi Jo, one of the Britty glamour models of the new age. Sleek and sextastic and utterly brunette (all over, we do check) and stripping out of white lingerie to ensure that the beginning of this week more mimics the end of a week than it does the long walk down the cellblock to your new quarters pulling a 5-day stretch. Absorb the hotness, like osmosis, Egotastic! style, and let all your cares drift into the ether. Enjoy.

(All Sammi Jo lusters proceed to her official media site for extended visual devotion and contact.)

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