Selena Gomez Is Not Topless in 'Spring Breakers', But Rachel Korine Is

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Despite swirls and swells about the Internet of the above picture depicting Vanessa Hudgens snorting lines of coke off of the bare chest of a topless Selena Gomez for a scene in Spring Breakers, well, you know how these rumors get started. This MIGHT actually be from on the set of Spring Breakers, but, sadly, this is not Selena Gomez laying topless across the bed. Glory be the day our blessed Latina diva does finally whip off her bikini top for a heavenly flash of her nubile puckers, we'd probably die. But, we're still alive, that's how we know it's not her (among other reasons).

Having said that, since many of you have following for the director's wife, Rachel Korine, in the past few months of sneak peeks, well, you'll be happy to know that Rachel Korine is indeed topless in this film. It's brief, but it sure does seem to be here unless there's a maniacal slight of hand going on here, and if you know the Korines, Harmony and wife, you know they are not shy people when it comes to artistic exhibition. Enjoy.

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