Thais Dornelles Nekkid Hotness Stole Our Loins, Now We Complete Her (VIDEO)

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We did so fall hard and fast for Brazilian curvaceous wonder Thais Dornelles last month that it took us time to lift ourselves out of the puddle on the floor just to retrieve the email from our good friend "Lemile' down Rio way who forwarded us the entire set of Thais Dornelles from her amazing Bella da Semana lingerie strip down photoshoot, and the behind the scenes video to boot.

This is more than a happy day, this is a must-flip-through-tons of Thais topless picture day. A day that will turn your frown upside down. Enjoy.

Check out the entire 74 picture set of Thais Dornelles topless goodness:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="450"></iframe>

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