Alleged Shiri Appleby Nekkid Photo Rocks the Easily Rockable Internet

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Let me say, I'm inclined to be cynical these days about leaked cell phone pictures that I can't personally verify. I'm getting old and cranky and ready to yell at fake photo posters to get off my lawn. That's my bias. But so many of you have written in about this photo racing across the Internet allegedly depicting Shiri Appleby depicting her full frontal nekkid self in a cell phone picture, well, I had to respond.

While the photo does look like a woman who looks a lot like Shiri Appleby, I'm disinclined to believe it's the fanboy faptastic favorite because:

1.  Timing. It appears just as Shiri goes topless onscreen for the first time ever. Suspicious
2.  Only one. There's only one photo produced so far. Somebody with access or receiving Shiri's photos would likely have more, even if semi-clad.
3   Full frontal. We've never really seen this before from even the actresses who have cell-shot themselves. Seems very bold for a woman with some knowledge of how media works.

Still, it does rather look like her. What says you?

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