American Ecstasy Red Band Trailer Features Playboy Playmate Britany Nola and Some Serious Nekkidness (VIDEO)

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We are big fans of photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Leder, who among other titles owns the single hottest nekkid photoshoot of our belusted Emily Ratajkowski.

Jonathan also has a new film called American Ecstasy, which as the title suggests is not for the kids, and features wicked hot blonde Playboy Playmate Britany Nola, currently in the running for PMOY, and the delicious Amy Hood. Both of whom will surely lend their particular talents to this erotic thriller.

Check out the Red Band trailer (NSFW) and some shots by Jonathan of Britany and Amy for the film. It's certainly enticing.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="450"></iframe>

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