Ana Crespo Came in Second; Now She's Topless in Interviu Magazine (Winning!)

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You know the competition is rough when a supreme Iberian beauty like Ana Crespo only rises to runner up status. But so it was last year in the Miss Spain contest, where Ana, the winner of Miss Valencia 2011, was denied the crown and the chance to represent her country in even bigger, more silly beauty pageants around the world. So, she did what any beauty pageant runner up would do. Probably knocked back a couple drinks and took her top off for Interviu magazine, the home of all things hot and topless in Spain. And we applaud her decision.

Hey, there's no shame in second place. Or as my mom often told me as a child, 'There's no shame in coming in thirty-seventh, out of thirty-seven'. I had no Plan B. Ana's Plan B is ridiculously hot. She wins. We all do. Enjoy.

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