AnnaLynne McCord Nipple Pokes Because AnnaLynne Still Hates Bras

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Don't be sad, but 90210 just wrapped up another season of production. I'm not really sure what that show is about to be honest, beyond the premise and the reason to get hot girls like AnnaLynne McCordinto showy outfits so that some teen boys will watch the show too. I suppose that's enough; I mean, that is more than most any MTV show is willing to offer. And AnnaLynne McCord and her desire to never be restricted by underwear certainly is blessing.

The skinny tall thespianic was on the final day's shooting for 90210 when her oft-apparent nipples made a poking entrance on the set, a sight not easily missed by our lust-filled and ever-wandering eyes. Not the fullest headlights we've seen from AnnaLynne, but even her low beams light us up with happiness. Enjoy.

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