Ashley Sky Covered Topless in Terry Richardson Photoshoot

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Yeah yeah yeah, we are insanely jealous of goofy photographer Terry Richardson who gets to hang out with many of the world's hottest women all kinds of nekkid in his studio or hotel room and snap them in various stages of undress. It's not a bad gig.  It ranks somewhere between being the guy who gets to have actual sex with these women and the guy at the bowling alley responsible for smelling the shoe rentals. I've only had one of those jobs in my life and it wasn't the one of the two I would have preferred. I'd take Terry's in a New York minute. Specifically, right before he got the chance to shoot Tumblr and social media princess Ashley Sky covered topless in his studio.

Ashley Sky is hot and mostly Brazilian and mostly a self-made Internet babe who dances around a lot in rapper videos and online videos and turned herself into a modern day 'It' girl as far as virtual wankability. And these steamy photos from Terry's shoot are only going to increase the chaffing factor among her loyal male fans. If we saw the outtakes, many fanboys would probably just tug that thing right off their bodies. And I bet they're out there. Enjoy.

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