Before You Even Ask... Britany Nola Topless in Her Playmate Pictorial

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You don't just run a website for six decades without picking up a thing or two about your readers. Yes, I know your ATM passwords and that secret name you call your girl that if your friends ever found out they'd laugh at you like crazy. But, even more importantly, I know that since seeing Playboy Playmate Britany Nola in the Red Band Trailer for American Ecstasy, you've been wanting to see more of her, much more. So, let's take a look at Britany's November '12 Playmate pictorial, currently in the running for Playmate of the Year 2013. I don't think you get to vote, but you sure can relish the visuals. Enjoy.

Thanks again to our friends at Playboy Plus for providing said visuals and for continuing their web's best PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Specialwhere you can see the entirety of Britany's pictorials and videos and tons more. If you still haven't signed up for that yet, it means you truly don't love yourself. I'd look into that.

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