Caitlin Wynters Topless Bikini Striptease Crawling in the Great Outdoors

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Just last week, Gretchen, my six-fingered dutiful female assistant asked me why we never posted super brunette hottie Caitlin Wynters again after a brief shower soap-up pictorial she had with our belusted Emma Frain last fall. I was dumbfounded. Mostly because Gretchen knows never to question me, let alone speak aloud without first hoisting the talking stick. But she was right. And fortuitous. Because today we have quite definitely been the EgoReader beneficiaries of an outstandingly hot outdoors topless pictorial of the minxy Brit.

Now, you can believe what you like, but I believe that nekkid women are somehow hotter when outdoors. I think it goes back to my dreams of Hermia in our middle school production of a Midsummer Night's Dream. I went to a special school. No, not gifted. More like short bus. But we put on some killer legit theater, despite the 86% illiteracy rate among the cast. But I digress. Caitlin Wynters. Wicked hot. Topless. Outdoors. Enjoy.

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