Claudia Romani Flashes Her Bare Killer Tush! We're Already Dead

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Oh, well, now you can laugh at all the candles we light in prayer here at the office, but once in a while, okay, maybe just 2.7% of the time, one of these heavenly pleas comes to fruition, as today when Claudia Romani, our deeply belusted Italian model honey, flashed her bare butt cheeks beneath a short skirt off the beach in Miami. And those aren't just any butt cheeks, those are the seat cushions of a booty goddess. Oh, my goodness. I've looked a hundred times now and I'm just getting started.

If you're ogling Claudia's peekaboo cheek show and not feeling your hands instinctively squeezing, then you're simply not looking properly. Trust me, I've just ruined my banana nut muffin here in my right hand. And, no, that's not code, it was a banana nut muffin, just $18 at Starbucks. Enjoy.

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