Elizabeth Masucci Drops Serious American Skin, Anna Hutchison Gets Seriously Shtupped in This Week's Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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And the hits just keep on coming. And, by hits, we mostly mean something that rhymes with hits and can be seen in some shape or form on the small screen most every week, and captured for your summary perusal in a little something we like to call the Boob Tube Roundup, serving you since 1954.

This week's BTR includes some serious basic cable skin courtesy of Elizabeth Masucci in F/X's The Americans, a whole lot more than we've ever seen on basic, which is a good thing. Jennifer Love Hewitt in yet another cleavy costume on The Client List, a very brief bit of Emma Greenwell topless in Shameless, and former Power Ranger Anna Hutchison getting it on big time in Sparatacus; War o the Damned. I dare you to find this kind of skin in the movie theaters, not counting the ones where they have raids (and not currently counting Spring Breakers). Enjoy.

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