Eva Mendes Flashes Her Panties to Help Your Imagination Machines

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We've really seen little of Eva Mendes in the past year or so. Since she started shacking up with dude-who-every-girl-wants-to-she-bang, Ryan Gosling, Eva has pretty much disappeared off the public radar, save for some quick trips to the store for sustenance and towels presumably to sustain her endless bouts of intimate activity with Ryan (lucky lucky bastard).

But, soft, what upskirt through yonder camera snaps? Yep, it's Eva's panties beneath her pulled up short dress as she shimmies out of a car in New York. And while a peep panties peek will not completely quench our Mendes thirst, not like we're not going to take it. That'd just be rude. We may be lascivious prurient bastards, but we're never rude. Enjoy.

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