Humpday Huzzah! Beth Humphreys Topless Pink Lingerie Pictures for The Midweek Mmmm

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Beth Humphreys is one of the new stars in our sky. She's right there next to the North Star, a Big Dipper if you will that we'd like to playfully slap with Orion's Belt, or maybe just cover in some type of fudge back in our spacious studio apartment. Just one fine new super sextastic glamour model that we can not step leering at like dirty old men. Heavy on the dirty part. Old will happen eventually.

Featured in outtakes from her shoot for Nuts magazine this past month, the nipply-pierced Humphreys displays the goods of a girl that intends to stick around for the long haul, hauling our hearts and other organs along with her on her rise to fapitation greatness.

This humpday, this doldrum-like day of the week, we find our spirits elevated with the pure visual goodness of Beth Humphreys. Huzzah!

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