Humpday Huzzah! Suzuka Ishikawa Topless Japanese Model Hotness

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You know by now when I get angry letters from our readers, I go through five stages of emotional response: hurt, drinking, butt hurt, more drinking, and finally resolution. It's not an easy personal journey. But I respect your right to write and express yourselves, even if it means I'm no longer saving that bottle of Jager for the Final Four.

But, EgoReader 'Darwin' really cut me to the quick when he questioned why we never showed hot topless Asian women despite our recent and illustrious exploration of the Far East. That hurt. Because it's true. And it needs to stop right now. Because you don't just become the Internet's single favorite place for guys to waste time while at work by ignoring Asian hotties with bare boobs. This is my Patton moment. And this is the quite popular Suzuka Ishikawa showing off her incredibly stupefying hotness. Huzzah!

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