Jennifer Nicole Lee Works Her Booty in Beverly Hills

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Don't you know, our favorite BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru, Jennifer Nicole Lee likes to workout, and train hard, and do so in public so you can see her hot mommy bottom and wish you had it for yourself. That goes for men-wishing they had a grasp and women-wishing they had the same shape.

And Jennifer takes her show on the road. From Miami to Beverly Hills today where the finely tuned mother created a spectacle of the ogling kind by bending, stretching, and working her body to the fullest in a skin tight outfit in one of the many (as in few) greenways in Los Angeles. It did take me seventeen viewings of these photos before even realizing that Jennifer was wearing headphones that match her outfit. I'm sure somebody appreciates that. I'd just like her to appreciate the fact that I did finally raise my gaze above her hot tight body. Enjoy.

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