Joey Fisher Topless for a Bodacious Boobtastic How-Do-You-Do

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According to her Mode London model card, Joey Fisher is the classic 32GG-26-36. Well, let's call that a modern era hourglass. It's certainly a body by which I'd like to tell time, and a new boobtastic form to celebrate here on Egotastic as Joey makes an introductory splash in Nuts magazine across the pond. And with buoys like those, you're going to make a splash alright.

Now, I generally do have the caveat concern about girls with boys names. It might seem cutesy at first, but when you get into the thick of things, you might find yourself flashing back to memories of a junior high school buddy or your male driving instructor with the crumbs in his mustache, and you don't want those images popping into your head during passion time. Still, with a body like Joey Fisher's, I'll presume you'll be able to keep on the straight and narrow. Say hello to Joey. And, enjoy.

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