Kelly Brook See-Through Top and Short Skirt Might Be the Death of Us

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We do so lust all things Kelly Brook and curvaceous, to the point that when Kelly left her house in a bra-revealing top and a short little skirt over her world-class dumper, well, let's just say these are one of those times we laugh back at people who make fun of our linoleum floors.

Kelly Brook may or may not be single again, I think she got back together with the British player she broke it off with. It hurts my heart too much to think about. But what soothes my savage soul is the sight of Kelly in a flirtatious little outfit. Gets the old gears a'shifting in the libido section of the brain. Kelly, please call me. I don't see where you might be hiding a cell phone, so borrow one, and ring me. Enjoy.

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