Lift Your Spirits With Boobtastic Liquor

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Well, I have to hand it to the guys who invented this concept, it's hard to ignore.

As we first reported last Fall, G-Spirits liquor promises to export high grade rum, whiskey, and vodka to you that has been poured over the bare breasts of hot models before it is collected and bottled and delivered to your doorstep. It's a concept alright. And while we have no clue as to the currency conversion of the prices on the G-Spirits website, we're guessing that the booze comes out a premium price. I mean, if you had to hire your own big-breasted model to pour your cocktails over before consuming, that would be an expensive proposition as well. So I suppose there's an expectation of shelling out a few shekels to get this special bottling treatment.

We're not sure if this novelty notion has caught on or not since our first report, but we couldn't help but notice the sweet full-bodied ladies G-Spirits hired to help promote their line. Something you might be interested in, with or without a chaser. Enjoy.

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