Lisa Rinna Doesn't Regret Her Silicone Lips; Let's Look at Her Nekkid

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Wow, talk about your transitions. This native advertising era is going to be tough on yours truly. But, humor me. We take the fact that almost 50-year old veteran soap star Lisa Rinna is in the news this week for defending the silicone injections in her lips on The Today Show, and we turn it into looking at Lisa in her fully nekkid Playboy pictorial from just a few years ago when Lisa looked mighty put together for a woman in her mid-40's. Granted, some of that silicone moved from just her lips to other parts of her body, but, still, looking good. Landing strip and all.

Now, the pitch. You sign up for the PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Specialso I can finally get the money to buy my hairless cat, Mr. Pussy, the miniature sized cashmere sweater he's been asking for for years. It's like an all over merkin for the poor fella. And, really, one dollar for a test run of the Playboy centeral command and all its visual wonderments, you owe it to yourself before Easter to get this done. Enjoy.

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