Melissa King, Miss Teen Delaware, (Allegedly) Makes a 'Sex Tape'

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Trust me, there's nothing more humiliating than having to give up your pageant crown over a morality scandal. You're talking to a former Most Likely to End Up  Wearing a Jumpsuit as an Adult from high school who was nearly stripped of his honorary when a totally unfounded and highly prejudiced story about a goat and a chalkboard eraser and some type of improper relations leaked out into the school paper. That type of accusation really stains a man's ultimate asset -- his reputation.

It is with no great lack of sympathy that we now learn that Melissa King, Miss Teen Delaware, has been stripped of her crown for allegedly appearing in an amateur porn film. I'm not exactly sure what amateur porn film means, since she clearly got paid, but, the fact is, amateur porn is quite hot these days. Enjoy.

(You can see the girl who looks a helluva a lot like Miss Teen Delaware in her adult video on What Would Tyler Durden Do with a link to the entire video if you so choose to view).

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