Playboy's New Hebrew Edition Is Going To Give Me So Much More To Atone For This Yom Kippur (VIDEO)

Israel's major exports are cut diamonds, citrus fruits, and absurdly hot women. Seriously, Israeli women were the one reason I studied hard in Hebrew School and spent years applying to take a birth right trip to the country (and when I went I still only hooked up with some chubby girl in my group named Rachel Tanenbaum from Syosset, Long Island). In any event, to capitalize on the fact that the country produces more models than a mannequin manufacturer, Playboy is launching it's first Hebrew edition, featuring Israeli models (and writers, hahahaha).

I'm not sure if they're hoping that Israeli guys haven't figured out about all the free porn on the internet, or if maybe they're thinking that using the computer on Sabbath is a no-no, so men will be forced to buy a magazine instead, but it still seems like an odd decision, especially in a country  'where religious sensitivities simmer under the surface and observant Jews and Muslims live by strict modesty rules.' I guess when your models have all also served in the military and can kick your ass, you don't ask questions, you just shut up and take the picture.

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