Prepare to Fall in Lust with a Nekkid Karina Flores

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Indulge me a bit here. I mean, c'mon, I do a lot for you all on a daily basis. So, please, do me the favor of drooling over one of my favorite Sudamericana model/actress/singer beauties, Karina Flores, who appears this month in the South of the Border edition of Playboy.

I've been madly in love with Karina Flores since first we met. And, I'm sure if you asked her about me, she'd probably say the same, or, maybe, something closer to 'Who the hell are you talking about? Oh, that creep, he's supposed to stay 250 feet away from me at all times!'. Love is so fickle. But not so my feelings toward this Brazilian hottie with the body of a Goddess, the alluring looks of a Temptress, and the self-awareness of a Girl I Can't Afford. Still, I can appreciate and/or stalk from afar.

Check out Karina Flores and see if you don't feel similar pangs. Enjoy.

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