READER FINDS: Charlize Theron Topless, Emma Caufield Topless, Elle Macpherson Topless and Much Much More

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Well, hello, Friday. Only my most favorite day of the week. The day we gather round the communal pot of the sextastic, throw in our individual contributions, and stir up the most amazing pot of celebrity flesh on the planet. That might sound raw, but it's a culinary visual treasure.

This week's Reader Finds include Tamara Ecclestone in a William Baker photoshoot (thank you EgoReader 'Dee'), Cote de Pablo See-Through in a Beverly Hills magazine shoot (bless you, 'Evan'), Jess Weixler topless in Somebody Up There Likes Me (contributed by 'Donner'), Christa Campbell topless screencaps (brought to the party by 'Bryan'), Miss BumBum runner up Andressa Urach quite nekkid and Sexy (sponsored by 'Arouro'), Charlize Theron topless in Reindeer Games (hotness served up by 'Reggie'), Michelle Marsh topless sunbathing (hand picked by 'Stickits'), Spanish actress Katia Klein quite topless (muchas gracias to 'Menny'), Maggie Gyllenhaal bouncy flouncy and bare (and a you're welcome from 'David T.'), Monica Bellucci topless onscreen (faptastic provided by 'Steven'), Natalia Paris in her full SOHO topless pictorial (more wonderment by 'Wes'), surfer Alana Blanchard hot on Facebook (recommended by Sander, Emma Caufield topless in short film (oh, so many of you sent us this one, thanks to all), Annet Mahendru modeling pictures (Indian heat by 'Joey G.'), and birthday girl Elle Macpherson classic topless pics (courtesy of EgoReader 'Jared').

Thanks to all and one for this heaping of celebrity sextastic. Enjoy.

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