READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Full Frontal, Sanda Oh Topless, Lady Gaga Upskirts and Much Much More....

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Ah, Spring. The season when life begins anew. The sun crosses some latitude across the Northern Hemisphere. And my landlady realizes I didn't pay rent all winter. It's a time for celebration, for dance, for pagan rituals to various arboreal deities, and, above all else, a time for skin. So, in the spirit of the season of green, the Egotastic! community has gathered together to birth the first Reader Finds of Spring.

This week's Reader Finds includes Katherine Webb tank-top pokes, Jenna Louise Coleman topless, and french-style young pro Zahia Dehar topless (all thanks to EgoReader 'SPRaised'), Spanish actress Elia Galera topless on film (kudos to 'Marty'), sextastic model Hanna Wahmer in skimpy lingerie (blessed from 'Barry L.'), Lady Gaga flashing an upskirt in concert (cycled to us by 'Devon'), Lara Stone topless in yet another French magazine (seriously, we love it 'James'), Sandra Oh quite nekkid in her turn Dancing at the Blue Iguana (delivered by 'Elliot P.), actress Sonja Bennett flashing her sweet body in Young People (Fucking) (as we are post-coitally embraced by 'Erin'), Sophie Howard topless boxing awesomeness (prepared pugilistically by 'Snowman'), Maryna Linchuk topless in 25 magazine (contributed heartily by 'Lady Amy'), Mellisa Clarke topless on the streets of London ('Sergei' knows the way to my heart), Ana Crespo sextastic portraits from Valencia (muchas gracias para 'Stine'), Emily Ratajkowskinekkid in portrait from the Samuel Bayer exhibit (a million thanks to a million of you who sent this in), Kirsten Dunst looking sexy on film (tip of the cap to 'Michael G'), a peek into Selena Gomez b/w top (courtesy of 'Joker'), more Lucy Collettnekkid madness (imagined by 'Nickolai'), the highly desirable Stacey Poole flashing her tubes (a gift from 'Gregory) and busty Haley King flashing her bra on The Young and The Restless (big ups for 'Thaddeus'). That's a handful alright. And an eyeful or two. Enjoy.

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