READER FINDS: Kelly Brook Topless, Madonna Classic Nekkid, Charlize Theron Topless, and Much Much More...

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While the City of Angels struggles to survive under its second full hour of precipitation, with mothers literally keeping their children indoors today lest the moisture weapons of the cloud gods injure their offspring, we here at Egotastic! have fortified our own office complex to withstand the expected up to 1/2 inch of rain today in order to assemble your weekly Reader Finds. It's like the Super Bowl, you don't just cancel it due to weather, I mean, at least not until that happens next year in New York.

This week's Reader Finds includes classic early 20's hot photos of Demi Moore from Ellen von Unwerth (thank you EgoReader 'Davey'), Madonna nekkid at the height of her fame in Steven Meisel candid shots (kudos to 'Revon'), Stacey Dash smoking hot in King magazine (wowzer 'Bowzer'), Maggie Qjust delicious (contributed by 'Stenny'), hot topless shots from the 2012 Pirelli calendar photoshoot (excellent behind the scenes from 'Dennis'), Charlize Theron toples in Head in the Clouds (dropped on our doorstep by 'Flynn'), Cinthia Fernandez when she was known as Abbey Diaz topless goodness (muchas gracias 'Diego'), Kelly Brook topless on the beach (thank you 'Amod' by way of Katie Price), Katherine Kelly Lang of soap opera fame topless in Skinemax film (we bow down to 'Zombie'), Marie-Ange Casta topless in Punk (and, you're welcome from 'Walter'), and a shoutout to curvy clothes model Lauren Shaw (by way of full-bodied girl loving 'James'). It's a heaping double scoop of sextastic. Enjoy.

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